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Forgive me for starting with a translation that is not wise to say, but today “almost all good news” when trying to create a vision for your company or organization. I will tell you how to create useful information that you may not find useful and can be published.

What do I mean by “almost all news is good news”? Any news item can be translated into content for online publication abroad, providing useful information about your business or organization.

Traditional news stories, or news editions reminiscent of when a good media outlet publishes a story with good printing presses, will compete for less space on a printed page. Newsletters are often linked to news about new products, services, new technologies, or important information from the organization.

The editing space is endless and publishers are hungry for content. There is a system of division between so-called “real” news agencies, such as newspapers, magazines, and news outlets, and “new ads”, such as citizen news websites, blogs, emails, and editorial services. Today, many barriers between the publishers and the media have disappeared. It is now easy to access your newsletter in many places. The trick is to write something good to hold on to and spread the word.

Select a theme

There is more to recording a story than you think, starting with the obvious: new product or service, opening, and closing, revision (link, link, and availability), as well as user reports. These articles in general should be considered as “difficult” for the story and should be settled about whenever possible.

However, there are many other topics that most people do not think about promoting a story, but one that makes the story “softer”. These topics include presentations at meetings, pricing, business reminders, new customer benefits, shopping, and new opportunities. Although the company’s editorial staff identifies these selfish topics to help publish, there is still good reason to write about them, as you will see soon.

Create your own good news.

Don’t you think you have complete, strong, or soft information, that you have to write? Then think about making your own story. Develop a simple company or customer survey, publish the results on your website, and write a press release on the topic.

Write a story. Interview the top executives of your company and your association about the business or company you are in and get your opinion there. Edit the statement about the main search and announce the availability of the report you can download on your website. Thinking a little bit, you need to think of different ways to spread your message.

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Now you have to write about your topic. Remember, this is a story, not an advertisement, the publisher will decide if it is worth publishing. Avoid word processing and use keywords such as “head,” “number one,” “special,” and other similar techniques for self-service advertising.

Gather all the important information in the first paragraph, starting with the topic, company, and why your message is important. This is traditionally known as “five questions and answers”: this, what, where, when, what, and how to do it. Keep the sentence simple and the paragraph short.

Information distribution

This is the awesome part: display the word so the right ones can see it. If your business is very small, you can make your mailing list based on business documents and company information (This is advice for finding the right people on your website – expand the contact section, often the button on the page extension bottom of the page – often listed by senior staff at their email address there). It takes a little work, but it is worth it since you have a short and concise list of who you should approach. And don’t forget to update it regularly.


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